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 Green Oaks Aussies Puppy Contract

Green Oaks Aussies                                                              Buyer Name:______________________

4388 Hwy. 182                                                                       Address:_________________________

Opelousas, LA. 70570                                                                           _________________________

337-580-2262                                                                           Phone: _________________________

Owners: Butch & Sue Ortego                                                 Email: __________________________



On Date______________ We transfer an Australian Shepherd

Color ­­­­­­­­__________________________. Parents __________________________.  Puppy reg # _________________________whelped on Date________________________ who is sold with Full AKC registration. Seller guarantees puppy to be healthy upon arrival and to be free of heart, liver, kidney failure for 14 days from the date of the sale.


Terms and Conditions

Buyer agrees that the puppy will be provided with fresh water and fresh food daily and will be cared for in a manner that is necessary for the health and well-being of the puppy, including shots and medications. Heart worm prevention should be administered monthly. 


  This guarantee does not cover diseases air borne or by contact, allergic reactions or injuries to the puppy that it received in buyer’s possession.


 Guarantee requires the buyer to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 weeks of arrival to verify said puppy does not exhibit any life-threatening heart, liver, or kidney defects. If the puppy does not pass for reasons said above, buyer may either return said puppy to the seller at the buyer’s expense for a cash refund or elect to have the said puppy humanely culled by a licensed veterinarian. Another pup of similar color and sex will be attempted to be provided by the seller when available in that year if said buyer chooses so instead of a refund.

All the puppies’ papers must be returned to Seller before refund is granted.


  Buyer is responsible for the proper training and socialization of this puppy. The buyer will be responsible for all shipping and medical expenses and supply the seller with a written veterinarian statement of defect. Buyer may also be required to provide proof of regular veterinarian worming, heart worm treatments, vaccines, etc. Negligent care voids this contract. No other guarantee applies to said dog and the guarantee is nontransferable. Once the puppy leaves my possession, by air flight or buyer’s transportation, I am not held responsible or liable for said puppy.


Puppy must be paid in full before shipping, personal checks must clear the bank.


Buyer Signature: ___________________­­_____ Seller Signature: _________________________

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