Hello I'm Maryah Lloyd I purchased my dog from y'all summer of 2017 out of your Buddy and Sky litter and just wanted to share this picture I took this morning of Nola!! It snowed in Lubbock and this was her first time seeing and playing in snow!!! I love her more than anything and cannot thank y'all enough for my best friend!



August 17 2018

I was sharing a goofy story with my husband about our aussie we got from you guys and he suggested emailing you to let you know how much we love Ace.  I know you will remember us because we played the deposit on his birthday so that you could keep his tail long.  He is seriously the funniest dog I have ever been around...he is all tongue and tail.  He has that certain crazed australian shepherd look in his eye and also does a great job herding...our chickens...Canadian geese...his dog siblings...he is a natural aussie.  Thank you for doing what you do.  We love Ace and he is a real looker, too, long tail and all.  He has stunning wolf like eyes and a super shiny black coat.  Thanks Belinda and Butch!  A. Cantrell


Maddy Davidson


 One word to describe this company….AMAZING!!! I truly cannot tell you how much of a joy it was dealing with Mrs. Sue & Mr. Butch! They really know what they are doing when you are looking for your dog! We ad headed out to their place to find our Forever puppy! We had looked online and that is such a huge help when you are looking! We ended up picking out a Blue Merle puppy, named him Levi and he is so loved! We waited 3 weeks, until he was ready to come home with us, but while we waited Mrs. Sue sent pictures, texts and we were updated probably 2-3 times a week! BOTH Mrs. Sue & Mr. Butch were very helpful in informing us of what to feed, training, habits they have..etc. We truly cannot thank them enough for this! We also got the registration papers along with the shots!!! We are so in love with our puppy! Thank you again Green Oak Aussies!

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We absolutely love her!!! She is so smart and has done amazing with potty training! Thank y'all for our Bindi!


Brittany Lawhorn

I bought a black tri, named Tinslee from Leo and Roxie's litter in 2016. She is full of life and absolutely the best addition to our family. She is full of life and so fun to be around. She is incredible smart and ready to learn all the time. We love our little girl and are so happy for Green Oaks Aussies. They were so great to work with.

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         Name---------Brittany Lawhorn


Calvin D. Shaw

Sue, thank you and Butch for showing us all the awesome puppies and dogs! 


Jack is smart and has been great—he immediately started going to the bathroom outside and has not had any “accidents” yet in the house.  He and Lucy have quickly bonded and now cannot wait to go out to run and play together.  Even the cat gets into it! 


He does love water and he has “gone swimming” 4 times (three yesterday).  We have a small pond and a small  inground pool.  He has not gone in the pond yet.  We watch him like a baby—and will not let him out of our sight because of the pool.  After he gets out of the pool, he puts on the after burners and runs around so fast—chasing Lucy all over the yard.  It is like he really loves the cool water. 


It has only been two days since we got him; and, we know he will be a great and loving dog—he is already.  Also, he is helping with our sheltie as she has quieted down somewhat.  Thank you again for allowing us to have him!      


Katie & Derek Moore

 11 March, 2018

We purchased a puppy from Sue and Butch. We were so happy with working with them. They are reasonable, kind, down to earth people. So easy to work with. They have a wonderful place and allowed us to come see our puppy as often as we liked as she grew. Even allowed us to use their restroom as we had a far ride and gave my kids treats! Just the sweetest people. We felt they took great care of the Mom and pups and on weeks we couldn’t make it they would send us new pics of our puppy! They were very helpful and answered all questions that we had. We love our puppy and she is beautiful and has a great personality. We would recommend using Green Oaks to anyone interested in getting an Australian Shepard.



  Just wanna let you know how wonderful the new puppy is! He's so smart and well behaved we decided to name him Bentley he's one of a kind!(:


Lacey Pruitt


  My new puppy is more than what I expected out of Green Oaks aussies. These people are amazing people and really care about their puppies and their new homes. My puppy is so smart already. On the first night, he was already letting me know when he had to go outside to potty. He is such an adorable puppy and I can’t wait to see him grow up. I would definitely rate Green Oaks Aussies 10/10.


Ruth Beckley


We love our Dug! We picked him up on Saturday and he has been the best puppy! We have already treat trained him to sit on command and he is so chill and good with the whole family. We are very blessed to have him and love him so much already. He is such a good dog!

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Date 10/16/2017




Hello I purchased my black Tri female puppy from you earlier this summer from your Sky and Buddy litter and I just wanted to say that I have the most wonderful dog in the world! Nola is extremely smart and loving. She already knows several commands like sit, lay down, and stay. She loves the water whether it's the pool or the tank! She brings me happiness every single day and I cannot thank you enough for giving me the BEST Australian shepherd ever!


Christie and Brandon Mabile


Hi Ms Belinda, 

I wanted to let you know how Jax was doing. He recently made 2. He is such an awesome dog. We call him the momma dog because he cleans the other dogs faces, watches over the cats (he loves them and the old cat Smokey sleeps by him), he loves kids and anyone who comes over. We took him hiking at the civil war battlefield in St Francisville and he was hooked. We are already planning to take him to Vicksburg to hike in the fall.  However, his favorite thing is the tennis ball. Everyday we throw the ball. I bought him a ball launcher but I have to hide it because he would never rest. Anyway, he's doing great and we love him very much. I attached some pictures. 

Hope you and your family are well. Take care,


Uriah Bowman


We got Blizzard and Grizzly on May 7th. These dogs are so incredibly smart..I've had so much fun with them! Blizzard knows many commands and so does Grizzly just not as much. They are now 5 months and are pretty heavy..I love them to death! You guys are the best

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Megan Fox

Julu 26 2017

I'm beyond blessed to have found this wonderful couple!! They are the sweetest people you can ever buy a pup from! If you had any questions, they will be more than happy to answer them. I will never buy an Aussie from anyone else! I also got the most adorable, lovable, most amazing pup from them! Don't think twice, just contact them!!

Thank you, for everything and making my family complete!


Greg Kellogg

July 9 2017

Green Oak Aussies are the absolute best! We have had our Dakota for nearly 4 months now and he has been the joy of our lives. He is the perfect dog. Pretty much came completely house trained and is so social and friendly with both other dogs and people. Sue updated us every week with new pictures and medical info. My girlfriend and I now live in Philadelphia but we will definitely be coming back down south just to get our next Aussie from Green Oak! Thanks guys!


Arin Spillers

Add Date here

Butch and Sue are top notch. They've set themselves up for success and you can tell within 5 mins of meeting them how much they truly care. Highly recommend!

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Name                              Arin Spillers

Date                                04/04/2017


Tia Baur


Hi Just wanted to say we love our dog so much my son Cole Baur got her from you about 2 years ago she's wonderful beautiful and smart Thank you Tia Baur



Just bought our second puppy Riley from Green Oaks. Just as amazing as the first puppy we got a year ago! We love our aussies and will buy two more before it's over! The attention spent to these dogs is amazing. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for an Aussie.




HEY! I just wanted to let you know that Nico is doing fine. He had his last shots a few weeks ago. He is up to 36lbs and going strong! His vet, a friend of mine that I race with, says that he is the best aussie that he has seen in this area in a long time. He is in great physical shape and you guys are doing an excellent job!


Diane and Guy Lund


  • Name    Diane and Guy Lund

  • Subject  Star

  • Message In our pursuit for an Australian Shephard puppy we came across the greenoaksauusie website. Little did we know that it would lead us to two of the friendliest breeders we have had the opportunity to meet. We met Sue and Butch Ortego on 1/31/16. Even though it was our first meeting, it was like being in the company of relatives who get together for Sunday meals. We were given a guided tour and were so impressed with the surroundings and how beautiful and healthy all the dogs were, but most of all the positive interactions between the Ortegos and the dogs. There was such a genuine and positive interaction it immediately instilled confidence in them as breeders. We left that day feeling confident that our search was over and without hesitation gladly put our deposit down on our " future" puppy. It seemed like an eternity before we received the call from Sue that the puppies were here. And true to her word she sent us pictures. When it was time we made our final trip to bring "Star" home. Star is a beautiful blue merle female. She is sweet, energetic and playful. A quick learner who likes to cuddle on the sofa and will sit in front of us to get our attention . Butch's methods and energy he puts into his breeding Aussies is evident not only in our puppy and her siblings, but in the dames and sires. Sue is natural in nurturing the puppies as was seen in how they gathered around her when freed from their kennel . They all whimpered for her attention and not one left before a gentle pat or a kind word. Thanks again for our Star who is truly an exceptional puppy. We highly recommend the Ortegos to anyone interested in a great Aussie puppy.










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    a picture of Allie! Just wanted to give you an update on her. She is full of energy, constantly follows you wherever you go, loving, free spirit and a joy to be around! She has been spayed and microchip. She weights 34 lbs and eats like a champion. ...Jeremy and I thank you for a wonderful companion! We hope that you and Butch have a great Easter!


    Gabrielle Patten

    Add Date here

      Can't thank the green oak Aussie family enough. Bought Mr.Duke three days ago and I have never met a puppy so calm, well behaved, and well mannered like Duke before! On the ride home he laid in my step son lamp with him in his car seat. He very gentle with baby so far. Not to mention he hasn't made one accident in the house or his kennel since we brought him home. I would definitely recommend getting a puppy from this awesome family.

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    Name      Gabrielle Patten

    Date       11/30/2015



    Jennifer Douglas 10/01/2014

     I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience in getting a Green Oaks Aussie puppy. Butch and Sue are kind, down to earth people with lovely, clean facilities for their dogs, and the moment we met them on their farm we knew we had found the pup that was meant for our family. Butch was very knowledgeable, and their dogs are clearly well cared for, with immediate socialization with dogs and children. When we picked up Scout, it was obvious that he was loved and happy, and we have been absolutely thrilled with him. He is stunning to look at, but even more importantly, is demonstrating a wonderful temperament. Thank you, Ortego Family! Your New Fans, Jennifer, Jim, Jamison,& Braden Douglas (and Bayou Bleu Scout) :)

    Bayou Bleu Scout

    Shelly Coulombe

    Add Date here

    I picked out Greta 3 weeks ago and it was the longest 3 week wait ever. Throughout the entire time waiting, I was updated with pictures, questions and anything that I could ever want to know about her. I just received her last night from the airport and it was love at first sight! She is so well behaved, smart and lovable you can just tell she was treated with love and cared for deeply. I searched other breeders and the cost and ridicule was outrageous. I was not looking for a show dog but rather a companion for our 5 1/2 year old Aussie. Thank you Butch and Sue. I would recommend Green Oaks Aussies to anyone looking for a quality Aussie pup!


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    Name  Shelly Coulombe





    Grace Bauman

    Add Date here

      We brought our Josie home about two months ago and she is a wonderful addition to our family. She's sweet, friendly, smart and absolutely beautiful. Everything we wanted in an Aussie! Could not be happier!

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    Name  Grace Bauman

    Date   08/07/2015


    Kelsey Jenkins

     I bought a male puppy from Green Oaks Aussies in early September. He was very well taken care of and extremely well trained for his age. All of their dogs are beautiful and friendly, and the owners are very friendly as well. I would definitely recommend buying a dog (or a few dogs!) from Green Oaks Aussies.

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    Rating     5

    Name      Kelsey Jenkins

    Date        11/14/2014

    Nicole Harn

      My hubby and I bought a puppy from Green Oak Aussie and I couldn't be happier! He is gorgeous and so so sweet. He is now our little baby! The owners are so nice and always keep in contact! The puppy is perfect! We love him so so much!

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    NameNicole Harn


    click image for video

     Thanks to the Ortego family, we are completely satisfied and happy with our new puppy. We were overjoyed when our puppy, ‘LunaJo Blu’s RainBeau’ arrived in excellent condition. Sue and Butch definitely gave little Luna the best care and lots of love. Luna is smart, gorgeous, and has a sweet loving personality. Sue and Butch are honest and truly care about their dogs. Green Oaks Aussies is definitely the BEST place to find your new Aussie friend!! :) Many thanks from Tim, Judi, & Sarah (Chicagoland area)

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    Rating 5

    NameTim,Judi & Sarah Bost

    Date  04/29/2015

    LunaJo Blu’s RainBeau

    Jeremy and Karen Gaskin

    Add Date here


      My husband and I had been looking for an Australian shepherd. We had seen several sites and when we came across Green Oaks web site we knew that we found our future puppy. We contacted Butch and Sue they answered all our questions and soon afterwards sent us picture of a black tri female and we fell in love through a picture! We went to their house and got to meet the puppy and the rest is history! We had 3 weeks before Allie would be ready and that was a long 3 weeks! Ms Sue was sending us pictures and texts faithfully! She has been with us for a week now, her personality is full of life and brings great joy to our home! Thank you Mr Butch and Ms Sue for allowing us to get her....

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    Name   Jeremy and Karen Gaskin

    Date    11/15/2015


    SrA Matthew Fuselier; USAF

    • Name SrA Matthew Fuselier; USAF

    • Subject Zeff


    •   I just wanted to say that Zeff, my blue merle aussie, is everything that I wanted in a new pup and more. He is the most friendly dog to people and other animals that I have ever seen. His infinite energy and cheerfulness is a welcome when I come home everyday and definitely comes in handy when he tags along on my runs. He has a way of stealing the show wherever we go and he looks more and more amazing each day. In fact, I'm starting to get jealous of all the attention he gets wherever we go! Keep up everything you all are doing over there. You are really sending out some great dogs into the world!


    • Sent on: 16 September, 2015

    • Thank you!




    Shelly Coulombe

    Add Date here

    I've had my Greta for just under a week and it was love at first sight. The 3 weeks of waiting were torture, but I was sent pictures and updates to hold me over. I can't say enough about how great the experience was with the Ortega family. I've had strangers take pictures of her and she turns heads everywhere she goes. I would (and have already) recommend Green Oaks Aussies to anyone looking for a great Aussie!


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    Name  Shelly Coulombe





    Michelle Myer

    Add Date here

    • Name     Michelle Myer

    • Subject   New Puppy

    • Message   We got a new puppy from Green Oaks Aussies on Sunday. This puppy is the best dog in the world. Hes gorgeous, unique, healthy, brilliant, fun and great with my kids. Sue, and her husband, are accommodating, honest and sweet. I highly recommend them and their Grade A+ puppies!!!!!

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