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                                                   Puppies Purchasing Info



  • $ 200.00 nonrefundable deposit required to hold a specific pup.

  • Deposits can be in the form of PayPal, Cash or Check. The final purchase needs to be made in advance by PayPal or in cash at time of pickup or delivery of pup. " We do not require the extra 3.5% charged by PayPal we absorb this" 

  • Deposits can be forwarded to future litters. It does not guarantee you first choice. This puts you in whatever order your deposit was received to others.

  • Green Oaks Aussies  reserves the right for pick of the litter.

  • Pups eye color cannot be determined until about 4 to 7 weeks of age. Blue or green eyes at this age does not mean that the pup’s eyes will stay this color. Many of the blue and green eyes start turning brown around 6 weeks of age.

  • If you live within driving distance, you are welcome to come by and visit with the pups in person for the selection process and any time between then and final delivery

  • Note: Green oaks aussies does not require your pet to be spayed or neutered. Your pet is your business.


  • Price Examples:


  • Black or Red Bi or Tri $550, eye color does not matter

  • Solid Black or Red $550, eye color does not matter

  • Blue Or Red Merle $1,000 Eye color does not matter

  • We do not Guarantee eye color. Thats natures job. :)  

  • Shipping will be extra. Air freight generally runs around $325. We Use Delta Airlines, we tried others but did not like their service.This price includes vet check and pet taxie. We do not charge any extra to deliver the pup to the airport.

  • Note: Airlines have restrictions on temperature and certain months out the year they do not ship. They won’t ship in freezing temps or real hot summer months.

  • Any questions please call 337 580 2262 ask for Sue, or 337 580 6125 ask for Butch


  • Thanks for shopping At Green Oaks Aussies. 

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